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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

February 28th, 2010 by Ciaran

  • Using #swype keyboard and loving it. Might just replace the standard Android keyboard with it. Recommend you try it out #
  • Dolphin Browser 2.5.0 now has tabbed browsing like Firefox. Also facilitates downloading of youtube videos as mp4 to the sd card. How cool. #
  • Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #dublin #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #android #seo #html5 #
  • .@vickyswebdesign @brendanhughes I'm feeling slightly ambitious 😉 #
  • Hooked up WordPress & Twitter yesterday. New blog posts are auto tweeted, and a tweets appear in the blog's sidebar. Thanks to Twitter Tools #
  • MySpace now pushing "Discovery".Described as "effectively a recommendation engine around new content". #
  • Just finished a round of office exercises for Operation Transformation. Didn't expect that on my way in this morning! TV stardom looms Wed. #
  • How to be 10 times more productive #
  • @vickyswebdesign I'm intrigued to take a look. My phone provider is blocking the site though – I wonder why?! in reply to vickyswebdesign #
  • BBC iPlayer sees a record 100+ million program requests in January #
  • @vickyswebdesign probably just as well so in reply to vickyswebdesign #
  • Matt Cutts on leaving the iPhone for the Nexus One #
  • Just installed Google Earth on the Nexus One. Super fast it is too. #
  • Twitter now churning out 50 million Tweets a day #
  • Looks like most (all?) #HTML5 books aren't available until June/July at the earliest. Any recommendations? #
  • FarmVille on Nexus One. Yes, that's Flash 10.1 running on Android #
  • Today, Sciencefeed is launching as a realtime micro blogging platform designed specifically for scientists #
  • Google Code Jam 2010 finals to be held in Dublin Friday, July 30, 2010 in the city centre Google Office #
  • Grogger helps sites tap into this community knowledge. Build a site that includes posts by you & your audience #
  • Have Smartphone. Get robbed. Next get stalked #
  • French airstrike sucks, esp when you're actually waiting on a flight 🙁 #
  • Ryanair flight cancelled after 5 mins after making everyone board #fail #
  • RA claim its due to French airtraffic controllers #
  • No Tweet(s) forthcoming from Ryanair about Dublin cancellations! #
  • Ryanair are fav airline again. Got transferred to great resort – Tenerife. Not too bad at all. If only @barryhand could sort out hotel 😉 #
  • All sorted now. 5* in Tenerife thanks to 🙂 #
  • Spoke too soon. Deja Vu. Delayed on runway again, up to 1.5 hours wait on plane on runway! Wonder if we'll ever get out of Dublin Damn Frnch #
  • Captains Report over the intercom. May be another hour in the runway. Grrr. #
  • Still stationary on runway. Getting annoying now. Most excitement so far is being taxied 50 meters around the runway. zzzzz. #
  • Smell of fumes on the plane now. Still on runway. No sign of moving either. Think I'll write up a new blog post to pass time. Or sleep. #
  • Just been informed another half hour sitting on runway. Patience a necessary virtue #
  • @brendanhughes lets hope so. Was on runway yesterday evening and that got us nowhere. in reply to brendanhughes #
  • @vickyswebdesign would you fit in hand luggage? in reply to vickyswebdesign #
  • @brendanhughes was on plane on runway yesterday evening for Barcelona. Flight aborted. Now on runway again waiting for Tenerife in reply to brendanhughes #
  • Ah. Enjoying a sunny 22c degrees here. Thanks Ryanair! #
  • Smartphones are so dumb when no Net connection! #
  • @fbd_ie sunny & hot Tenerife. Nice folks at Ryanair a pleasure to deal with. in reply to fbd_ie #
  • @vickyswebdesign Barcelona flight cancelled. But thanks to @ryanair for flying us to sunny Tenerife to enjoy 25c sun! in reply to vickyswebdesign #
  • Enjoying Tenerife. #
  • @barryhand cheers. Balmy out here. 22c today. Nice to get some heat back into the bones 😉 in reply to barryhand #
  • Watching #6nations in Scottish owned Irish bar. Free wifi too boot. Horray for the "Hole In The Wall" pub! #

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