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WordPress Mobile App For Android. 1 Week Review.

February 17th, 2010 by Ciaran

I’ve been using the WordPress Android Phone App (v1.01) on the Nexus One over the last week. Formally called wptogo, it was recently acquired by WordPress to become their official Android app. I have to admit that its a very usefully blogging tool, but one that’s not perfect either (yet).

As a proof of concept, I created this very blog offline and saved it on my Android Nexus One. I then uploaded the post to my online blog, where I added in the necessary icing on the cake (SEO pack and Twitter Tools etc). So I can happily report that from first hand experience that the Android WordPress App works nicely!

What really shines in my opinion is the ability to write draft posts offline. If you find yourself regularly offline then you will treasure this is a very useful feature. Simply upload your offline draft when you’re back online. Works effectively too.

Creating new posts is hassle free. Simply set your blog title, create your post content, choose your category and save. Write a local draft, on online draft, or post live.

The editor facilitates bold, italic, links and qoutes via buttons. However if you already know your HTML tags then you can use these directly too.

Pictures can also be added. This allows you to use pictures from your phone’s picture gallery.

You can also enter tags, and finally have the choice of publishing or just saving as a draft.

User Comments can be maintained too. You can approve/unapprove, mark as spam, and reply to comments.

Pages can also be created and edited.

Although in its infancy, there’s a few things that are sorely missing. I’d like to see the ability to schedule posts for release. This is a very handy feature that is sorely missed. This is especially true if you are the type of blogger that writes several posts at the one sitting and sets them up for regular scheduled releases during the week. Hopefully this feature will be coming soon.

Another downside is that you cannot access any additional third party apps you might gave installed. For example, All In One SEO Pack or Twitter Tools.

I’ve also experienced the odd crash, most notably when refreshing the category list. This requires an online fetch from your blog. Needless to say its wise to save your work regularly.

Overall I recommend the WordPress app. It’s very useful tool if you blog when you’re mobile.

See for more info (or if you’re visiting from an Android device then try market://search/?

Do you had any tips for blogging from your phone? Leave a comment below!

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