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Get More Reliable Google Analytics & Boost Your Site Stats Too!

February 18th, 2010 by Ciaran

This has been long time coming. If you use Google Analytics then this is an important heads up is for you!

Google Analytics

If you run an e-Commerce site (or any site for that matter) then Analytics are an essential ingredient to your marketing mix. It’s vital that you can measure site visits and know that you can depend on the stats being reported. However do you realise that you may be underestimating your website stats?

Until now it was best practice to put you Analytics JavaScript code at the end of your webpage so that it doesn’t have a detrimental effect on page load times. However if a site visitor navigates away from the page before the tracking code completes, then the visit won’t be tracked. Untracked visits skew website stats and present a problem for the e-Commerce manager and site owner alike.

Now however you have the option of using the new asynchronous tracking code. This code is positioned at the top of your webpage (right after the open body tag). The tracking code is then loaded simultaneously as your webpage loads.

Google Analytics Asynchronous Tracking

The benefits are twofold:-

  1. Firstly there is no additional delay introduced in loading web pages.
  2. Secondly the chances of missed site visits is greatly reduced.

The actual code can be found in your Analytics account. Simply click on your website, then click Edit > Check Status > New! Try the asynchronous tracking code. This will present you with the new Analytics code. NB note that you have to replace ‘UA-XXXXX-X’ with your own site tracking property ID, otherwise you’ll track no site visits at all!

This is a win win situation for both site owner and site visitor.

Why are you waiting, get your Analytics code updated today!

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